Teenage Boot Camps – Just for Troubled Teens?

When one hears the words “boot camp”, one often has a mental picture of frustrated parents sending their spoiled brat children to be fixed. Some parents do send their children to boot camp in the hopes that when they come back, they will be like people trained by the military; has a healthy regard for authority figures, obedient, responsible, neat, and polite.This probably comes from the fact that the idea of teenager boot camp is to provide a more cost-effective as well as efficient way of dealing with juvenile offenders. Since it’s connected with juvenile delinquency and young people who have run-ins with the law, people assume that a court has to order you to attend one. There are also parents who send their children to a boot camp for teenager to help them curb a mild substance abuse problem.Boot camps these days, however, don’t necessarily just cater to teenage offenders. It could be a preventive measure for teens who are beginning to give their parents some problems with being defiant and engaging in dangerous or troublesome behavior. It could be a preventive measure that keeps teens from becoming juvenile law offenders. Boot camps’ “in your face”, confrontational style often proves effective for teens who routinely make it a point to challenge authority figures in their lives.Some people also think that boot camps can help teens with ADHD. In some cases, this could be true, depending on the kind of program the teenage camp offers. If the camp has staff that is educated and trained to handle teens with ADHD, and if some form of therapy and monitoring of medication is involved, such a camp can be beneficial for teens. ADHD teens are often soothed by rigorous physical activities, saying that these activities take the edge off the symptoms of ADHD that they contend with everyday. Most boot camps are also located in beautiful wilderness settings which, according to studies, have a calming effect on teens with ADHD.Exposing ADHD teens to healthy physical activities in camps can give them a better alternative to other activities that they usually engage in to “take the edge off” their symptoms. Before teens even try dangerous sexual habits, daredevil driving, alcohol or drugs, it would be better for them to get involved in sports, camping, hiking, and other healthy activities. This helps prevent a downward spiral in their lives which could have far-reaching repercussions, even into their adult lives.It could also be a good way for teens who want to explore their desire to enter military career to see if this is something they can really get into. At times, it’s an interesting experience to have. Not to mention that some form of physical labor can build character in children.What’s important is that parents consider the reason why they are sending their children to these camps. At times the intention may be well-meant but boot camps may not be sufficient to fulfill their expectations. Boot camps are what they are, and it’s best to have the right idea about them. It’s not reasonable to expect these camps to be like therapeutic boarding schools and provide individual and group therapy for campers, unless the camp staff confirms that it’s something they can do for your teen.

How to Have Fun Camping

Family camping trips are the pastime of many a family, the simplicity of a camping trip is what makes it so attractive against regular holidays, it is also a lot cheaper to camp then to on holiday, and these are the reasons why camping is so popular today.The main reason people decide against camping, is because they believe it will not be fun, or that there are too few activities, so here is a small guide to ensure that your camping trip will be just as fun as any holiday you ever take.Camping Games
As childish as it may sound there are games that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Let’s take a look at a few of the best:How long is a minute?
This game is so undemanding, but can be effective time filler. A player, who is not involved, times the group and the others have to count to a minute in their head, when they think a minute is up they have to put their hands up, the closest person to the minute wins.Steal the Bacon
Divide your group into two equal groups and have them sit back to back 20 feet apart, give each person a number on each side and put a ball in-between the two groups. Another individual shouts a number, and the two players run for the ball and have to get back to their group without being tagged, if they are tagged then you start again, the first to 10 points wins.Camp Fire Stories
I know it is a cliche, but camp fire stories can make a camping holiday. For the right effect it is essential you have a torch, a camp fire and night time. Everybody always has a scary story to tell, and there is no better venue to do it then the middle of the woods. If you want to turn it into a game, then get everybody to tell a story, and then decide between each of you whose story was the best, and assign them a prize.Camp Bonding
Camping is notorious for bonding, a lot of businesses use camping trips to build morale amongst co-workers, and it has been proven to be one of the most effective ways. The reason why camping is so effective for bonding is because there is limited technology, so it is through playing games and telling stories that you gain an admiration for your co-campers.Cookouts
One of the best parts of camping is some of the foods you can cook. Now most of the foods you can cook will be barbequed which is always a popular choice, however, make sure you have the following equipment to make your cookout the best:
A barbeque, with coals and firelighters (disposable or rented)
Foil (to cover your food)
Disposable plates and cutlery
And most importantly FOOD including Marshmallows
Another cliche I know, but having marshmallows around an open fire is one of the main things people associate with camping, and therefore, is something you should do to ensure your camping trip is one of the best holidays you will ever experience.

A Camping Life

What is it that makes us want to sleep out under the stars or cook over an open flame? What is it that makes us want to be out enjoying God’s great creation? Is it something encoded in our DNA? Whatever it is, it makes life interesting doesn’t it?!A person that lives a camping life spends most of the time thinking about the next camping trip. When they are packing up at the end of a trip, they are already planning the next one. They will plan a vacation based on the location’s campgrounds or backpacking permits. Does this sound like you? I know that describes me to a T!A person that lives a camping life usually thinks in a unique way. A three day weekend? “Let’s go camping!” Vacation time? “Let’s go camping!” A nice quiet weekend? “Let’s go camping!” The “perfect” getaway? Spent in a tent, with a camp fire, surrounded by what God has provided: trees, creeks and plenty of hiking trails, preferably on the shores of a lake, so can get a little fishing in too!A camping life is not for everyone. You have to enjoy the outdoors. You have to have an appreciation and a respect for nature. If this appeals to you then you either already are or are ready to live “A Camping Life”.However you live your camping life, whether you are camping just to be camping or if you are camping as part of a hunting, fishing or hiking trip, there is certain equipment that you will need.Basic requirements would be a tent and a sleeping bag. Depending on your idea of a camping life and your level of comfort the list of camping equipment could get quite long. You may need all, some or none of this equipment, just choose what fits into your camping life.For comfort, you may need an air mattress. If your like me, getting a little older, sleeping on the ground in just a sleeping bag does not fit into my camping life. Just make sure you buy a quality one, if not it won’t be much better than sleeping on the ground. Of course you don’t want to blow this up yourself, so you will need an air pump, same here with buying quality, you don’t want to end up spending an hour fighting with the pump just to get your mattress aired up.Now that we have covered comfort, it is time to look to the practical. It is time to set up your camp. Your idea of the camping life may include cooking over an open flame or you may want the convenience of a camp stove. Either way you will need cookware. Make sure when you buy your cookware, if you are cooking over a camp fire, you get the kind that is made for this type of cooking. Now that you have your camp set up, you don’t want to be tripping all over this camping equipment, so don’t forget to get a lantern to light your way.Now let’s talk about the extras for your camping trip. If you are camping as part of a hiking trip through the back country you will need a backpack, make sure it is a hiking backpack, not one like kids carry to school. This can make a huge difference in the way your load carries. While you are hiking you may want to do a little bird or wildlife watching so you may want to invest in a good pair of binoculars. You will definitely want to pack a camera for all the beautiful scenery you will be seeing. A good waterproof one would probably be the best, as these are usually more rugged than the average camera. One last extra a lot of people don’t think of is walkie talkies. If you are in a large group these can serve several purposes. One purpose could be smaller groups can hike in different directions and still stay in touch with each other. Or even if you are not in a large group, if someone is lost there is a means of communication.Whatever your idea of the perfect camping life is: I hope your next camping trip will be the best camping life you can live.